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Exhibition Centre Hotel Beijing is located in the city center, beside the Xizhimen overpass of the Second Ring Road. The surrounding traffic and public facilities are perfect.

Walk about 10 minutes to Beijing Zoo, Beijing Aquarium, Planetarium, and the Beijing City Water System Tourist Pier is downstairs, which can directly reach the Summer Palace; Beijing North Railway Station can directly reach the Great Wall.

The hotel's garden style and typical Chinese traditional buildings form a unique courtyard, which is a good choice for accommodation and dining; all staff of Beizhan Garden Hotel sincerely welcome you.
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  • acecombatcell
    Friends book.
  • Astrid
    Happy, happy, good day!
  • BT tea
    Hotel in Beijing Gallery next, surprised we unexpected, it make in the take static, environment elegant; for locations just between xizhimen and Zoo Zhijian, so Metro, bus are is convenient. hotel in Shang century 50 generation is Beijing of first-class foreign hotel, based is good. 80 generation Hou heavy and renovation, recently and has update, clean, warm, live with is comfortable. hotel of two a restaurant also good. you as staying, will was satisfaction of.
  • cindymu
    Very satisfied with clean, quiet, convenient
  • fairer
    Helpful staff, facilities good, bedside no socket is a bit inconvenient
  • i of the original flavor
    Convenient, good choice.
  • activsimon
    This all the time, always praise
  • fangwei2005
    The good location of the hotel said, from xizhimen subway station very close, other General
  • e01518374
    Good location, comfortable bed, good integrated
  • elsa45
    Very nice, quiet and comfortable. see downtown chic.
  • buleagle
    Which is very nice
  • sissiyuan
    Location is really good, Windows is Terminal River, the scenery is very nice, but the air conditioning because just running, not to force, hope to be able to improve
  • annytine
    Poor service, the other was your day
  • biniwanwu
    Location is far away from the Metro but still acceptable, very quiet hotel and warm, very good
  • A hat a hat
    Again, excellent, value hotel in a quiet, but the rooms at the main building, near the garden side, there are some voice in and out of the hotel lobby at night, a bit noisy
  • Ursula
    Very thoughtful, meticulous, enthusiastic.
  • lilydiali
    That's good
  • tony4
    Room small room rate at more than 300, more expensive
  • e02962027
    Well, next time you will choose.
  • yoyogongyueli
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. waiters are warm, will stay again.
  • e02375161
    Environment, too close to a nearby restaurant also very near the Zoo
  • CC2242
    Clean and quiet, recommend staying!
  • ecustlarry
    Convenient, nice, room was very small.
  • mmfgmjx
    Qian a hotel live of not too ideal, temporary for of, set of is business standard between, is surprise, hotel is located in Beijing Gallery range within, environment is quiet, room is big, is clean, facilities also is good. away from Zoo is near, hotel behind is a article River, Emperor terminal boat tour on in there, 16 km trip, 40 Yuan through summer palace. away from train North Station walk also only a few minutes Bell away, can directly in North station took S2 small train straight received Badaling, is party... Tour attractions can choose where in the West, hotel South and East has a large shopping mall, supermarket. qingfeng buns and Shabu Shabu and so many food. but it feels warm enough at the front desk. overall satisfaction, next time you will choose.
  • xinyiyi
    Children playing, is nearly 16 minutes on foot from the North Station, near the Zoo, hotel was quiet; inadequate mean upstairs was full, giving room on the first floor the Windows are made of bamboo poor lighting
  • Jeep2500+1.8T
    It's not bad!
  • raisins
    Were going to live one day, found the environment is good, and stayed an extra day
  • AndyMagia
    Very quiet, from xizhimen subway and the Zoo are very close, convenient and the rooms are spacious, fully equipped, very good ... next time you will choose.
  • anson1121
    Very happy of staying experience! front desk of staying registration, away from shop check out, are is 'lightning type' handle finished, 1 minutes within on get has! national during, 1 home 3 mouth to Beijing play, business big bed between of bed special big, 2 a adults 1 a 4 age more children sleep little are not squeeze. to hotel application added 1 a single was, also meet has we of requirements. room in has a small refrigerator, very practical, to children buy of yogurt, fruit put in, can preservation, good happy! electricNo scale in the kettle, the hotel health and doing well! there are 2 pairs of disposable slippers shoes are a different color, 2 people can distinguish this very user friendly!
  • e00191959
    That's good.
  • yungrui
    Hotel location is very convenient. Main building, room clean, hot water is especially good. the only regret is that the window is closed.
  • mollion
    Location is OK, quieter, the facility is old.
  • albertdirector
    Beijing exhibition Theater very convenient service also very good
  • miggie2726
    A very good environment
  • CN Leia.
    Good, recommended
  • Anmily
    Very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good
  • cecaaryan
    More convenient transportation, close to the Conference venue, the environment is also good, prices can. Hotel non-main location was quiet, make up the hotel slightly old feelings of discontent.
  • e02003539
    Very quiet, good location, convenient traffic, but the rooms are not soundproof, even the voices were heard in the next room.
  • Buwett
    Very convenient
  • james_xu
    Cost-effective, quiet, just a bit older!
  • micbai
  • E00033064
    Beijing exhibition theater show rooms at the feel good, business room, hotel heritage, although the old, but still neat, PC-TV one machine would be convenient, courtyard farm color shelf of small plants are quite special, with a gourd, and so on.
  • babebest
    Convenient comfort!
  • Abbei
    Beijing exhibition show, decided to live the North show, quite satisfied with the result, although sounds like old hotel, but good, TV and computer functions, from xizhimen super close, convenient, and very satisfied!
    Which is very nice
  • atom1126222
    Old obsolete facilities
  • e00022716
    Location so close to the Zoo, which is very convenient!
  • arielfan
    Location is very good, can see the moats. King bed is very big, really good ... next time will stay
  • pengpeng212000
    Very good hotel, recommendation, next time will stay
  • suixinbenteng
    HA HA